LGBTQI People And Friends

Ongoing income for you and those you care for, Simply and Gently

LGBTQI Lifestyles, anyones lifestyle requires regular income even if ill or injured

We still care for someone, we still want our lifestyle, but who pays?  Life without income is no fun.


How much / how little? How long? Won't pay?

Want Certainty, Control and Cashflow.  Easily, gently and empathetically?

Correct Claim, Correct Adviser, Correct Cover

Your Cashflow Your Diginity

Easy, Gentle, Simple, Empathetic, Caring

Simply Contact Gordon Bell of Rainbow Life on 0800 961 377

Your Income, Your Lifestyle, your Dignity.  Now while you are still healthy

Gordon Bell.  Rainbow Life

Your income, Your lifestyle, Your Dignity.  Simply, Gently, This is Gordon