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Gordon Bell

Hi, i'm Gordon, the proud owner of Rainbow Life.

I am married to my husband Darren and have been for over 30 years now.  I live in Christchurch New Zealand and have a beautiful daughter Phoebe (now in her 30's) with a successful career in Australia.

My insurance and claims life commenced over 25 years ago after years working as a school teacher.  I am a strong supporter of equal rights for all, especially rights for LGBTQI.  I am a proud member of ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) an international organisation based in Geneva Switzerland who's aim is to create a world where the human rights of all are respected and where everyone can live in equality and freedom.

"My philosophy if illness or injury should occur is you need the CORRECT ADVISOR to give you the CORRECT COVER to have the CORRECT CLAIMS"
I am told I am recognised as a CLAIMS EXPERT
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What is Rainbow Life?

I first thought of opening Rainbow Life 20 years ago, but it was not the right time in my life having just come out to my family.  In 2016 however a rather unfortunate event occurred which gave rise to this idea again.  

I was sharing offices with another adviser and he was asked by an insurance company to go and see a couple who wanted to discuss their insurance.  When he returned from seeing this couple (who happened to be gay) he proceeded to make arrogant and grossly derogative comments about them.  I was appalled by his attitude and the words he used.  Not surprisingly they complained to the insurance company about his unacceptable attitude.  It was like a thunderbolt then and there that I decided to set up Rainbow Life, New Zealand's only LGBTQI focused insurance and claims brokerage.

It soon became obvious that I had made the correct decision to offer Rainbow Life's services to our community.  The interest from our community surprised me as well as how widespread story's such as the one above actually are.  Many more rainbow people now have the ongoing income and dignity that lifestyle protection gives them when health problems reduce or remove their income.

I found many LGBTQI people either

Had No insurance
Would have been dependent on a bank clerk at claim time.
Were spending their hard earned dollars on insurance that would not work at claim time.
Had advisers they had not heard from or seen in years.
Had advisers that were insurance focused, not claims focused.
Had no empathy with our community and our lifestyles.

What sets us apart?

Rainbow Life now supplies insurance and claims advice, simply, gently and empathetically to all of the LGBTQI community.  The majority of our rainbow clients come from word of mouth. Our clients recommend other people to ring us if they want help, be it a second chance check up or advice on new insurance they may require.  We try to be different and better whilst keeping it simple, gentle and empathetic.


No jargon, just normal language, just a feel good relationship. We trust each other.  The way a relationship with your insurance provider should be.


You make the decisions, we just supply the knowledge, the skills, the process, the caring, the listening and the need to know so that you know where you are going financially if health problems occur.


I am proudly gay. I live in your world and understand some of the challenges specific to you and can advise accordingly.

Is it really only about claims?

The simple answer to this is YES, claims are the only real test of what we have done together.  This is the reason it is so important to have the right person advising you, that understands you.  

Rainbow Life is a

'Claims Focused Company'

Our claims promise

We believe it is very helpful for our clients to know what will happen at claim time.  Our aim is to make this as easy and seamless for you as possible.  There will be more important things for you to worry about, preparing and filing a claim should not be one of those.

We walk, we talk, we negotiate on your behalf

Gordon is available on his free phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No matter what time of day or night you will always be able to get hold of someone should you need to.

Get dignity,
get Started simply

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